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Miele & GOA unlocked 103% revenue growth with a test and learn framework for paid search ads

Miele has been executing effective Google Advertising campaigns to help both maintain brand awareness and drive revenue growth from e-commerce. For the appliance giant to maintain its healthy position in the market, it must ensure its paid search advertising remains fit-for-purpose and fully optimised. To separate it from its competition, notably well-known, big brands, it needed to do something different to stand out.

The Challenge

Founded in 1899, Miele is renowned for its premium, sustainable range of home and commercial kitchen, laundry and vacuum cleaning appliances. But the brand operates in a highly competitive and innovative market.

Miele was not receiving the returns on its paid ad spend that it was expecting. This was especially true in the wider market where Miele felt it was missing out on big opportunities for growth, and as with many brands, the in-house team was stretched and time poor.

The goal was simple – unlock all potential performance improvement opportunities that would help to drive consistent and continuous revenue growth to ensure Miele’s paid search advertising was generating the expected return on ad spend (ROAS).

Miele approached GOA Marketing for support after a recommendation from an ex-colleague. The brand was looking for an independent third-party that was able to provide insight and support to identify improvements and increase ROI.

Miele reviewed the GOA platform and ascertained that not only did it meet all its criteria, it was also backed up by data to increase confidence of some quick wins. But on meeting the GOA Marketing team, Miele was impressed by its third-party independence, thought process on how to approach search, and its knowledge of how to get the most out of its paid search advertising through optimisation.

GOA Marketing also offered the opportunity to develop and implement an effective and bespoke test and learn framework.

The Solution

Google Shopping plays a large role in Miele’s paid search advertising, but optimization can be complicated and it isn’t always effective. Coupled with this is the emergence of Performance Max campaigns and, as a result, a reduction in data-points. A sophisticated approach was required.

GOA Marketing’s technology platform was used to identify over 100 potential performance opportunities. These were then reviewed and prioritised through the implementation of an in-depth test and learn framework.

A multi-pronged approach was created to test multiple tactics across different categories. Focusing on e-commerce activity, tests centred on campaign segmentation, creative set-up and feed optimisation for Miele’s Performance Max campaigns.

GOA Marketing’s tool acted as an early warning system on Miele’s paid search advertising account to help identify structural issues, account changes and potential optimisations in a consistent and timely manner. It serves to keep Miele optimised and lean, with the right depth of information that the team needs to understand what the next steps should be. No problem sits for weeks on end, costing the Miele team money or making its paid search advertising inefficient.


Implementing the GOA Platform was simple and enabled the team to hit the ground running. Within a few days of working, the team at Miele started to see the benefits – and quick wins with high impact.

All tests resulted in improvements to both revenue and ROAS. This included a revenue uplift of 103% vs a control uplift of 27%, with a 55% improvement to ROAS.

The GOA platform offers a quick and accurate readout, highlighting areas of concern and where attention should be focused. It gives a starting point, and a hypothesis, that the team can pick up on and then deliver what is needed. vAs part of the partnership, GOA has become an extension of the Miele team. If Miele has an idea it needs to workshop, the GOA team is the first it calls – the teams work, and pull together in the same direction. The team at GOA are open and honest about failure, and ensure the necessary changes are made to deliver success. As a result, GOA Marketing has given Miele confidence in its paid search advertising set-up, as well as its decision making.

The brand is now lean, streamlined and is doing everything it should be doing – specifically, highlighting some of the obvious misses that have allowed Miele to get the most out of the activity.

  • Monitoring KPIs
  • Advanced Brand Protection
  • PMAX & RSA Insights
  • Transparency and easy assessment
Miele GOA Marketing

All tests resulted in improvements

103%Revenue uplift of 103%
55% 55% improvement to ROAS

"Working in partnership with GOA Marketing and our agency has been easy, efficient, and delivered on its promised results."

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