We review your accounts and tell you what optimisations need to be done so anyone can see the work required to improve your activity. We know what to look for, and where, to accrue maximum revenue.


We have checks that are ready to go from day one but they would take you a long time to set up. We estimate it takes 27.8 hours set up time and 10 hours daily to replicate our checks.


We know every account is different. You can customise your digital governance and opportunity finding settings to align with your business and marketing objectives.


Our off-the-shelf governance checks are there to improve your digital performance. All we need is read only access to your accounts to produce our daily governance checks.

Customisable GOA Governance Checks
Which run at the pace of your business

Marketing professionals are expected to check more details than ever, as digital increases in both complexity and cost. We have created marketing automation software with online daily updating dashboards, fully customisable to help you achieve your business and marketing objectives.


The success of your digital marketing campaigns can be impacted by a huge number of small improvements. Select the policies on your account and we will audit your accounts daily to provide clear next steps to ensure you maximise your digital marketing.


Today’s marketing needs to be efficient, effective & regularly maintained. Ensure your digital campaigns are being handled effectively by tracking the performance of those managing them. Using our governance checks, all details of your digital investment will be 100% visible and accountable.



We find significant revenue driving opportunities to drive growth. We provide these in actionable insights for the activation team to implement. We can help you drive the best return from your digital marketing with these easy-to-action insights.

Governance Checks

We have broken our governance checks into four easy-to-understand sections. A red policy flags an urgent governance issue to fix. A yellow policy flags a governance issue that needs addressing. Green policy shows an opportunity to drive the account forward, and the purple policies are useful reports. Simple!

Our Team

The idea behind GOA was originally conceived in 2010: many years of experience later, we’re finally making it happen!

Dan Chorlton

Dan is a performance marketing strategist who started working with data in 2005. He has been an active participant in the digital boom and has helped transform digital media departments at many agencies. He was the operational expert who led the largest search & social transition in history, and has run digital performance campaigns for blue chips like Google, Unilever & Disney.

Lewis Clayton

Lewis has 9 years of performance marketing excellence behind him, and is the technological brains behind GOA’s software. He has worked across a range of verticals with international brands like Hilton, John Lewis and Secret Escapes. Driving revenue in the hundreds of millions.

We have four types of GOA Governance Checks

Our governance checks are there to improve your digital performance, and are fully customisable to run in accordance with your business and marketing objectives.

Red Governance Check

Assign red to your governance checks that require urgent resolving. These should be used sparingly and be fixed the day they appear.

Yellow Governance Check

Yellow governance checks are governance settings that will drive the long term performance of the account when implemented. They are not as critical as red checks and should be prioritised in accordance with their importance.

Green Governance Check

This classification is something that you consider an opportunity. Of course, it could be argued that any optimisation is an opportunity; we have initially classified this as something that drives growth.

Purple Governance Check

A purple governance check is less of an opportunity for optimisation and more of a business insights function (though this can inspire optimisation in the future!). Quality score monitoring graphs and keyword spend by match type are two examples of what we would call a purple governance check

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