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We show you the way

We give you insights in how to improve your campaigns. Easy to digest. Easy to action.

Take back control of your Google Ads spend

24/7 monitoring of KPIs. Stay ahead of your competition with automated best practice that is up to date.

Uncover hidden opportunities

Google has a magic mystery box of Google Ads and we decipher the secrets that will unlock growth and high performance.

GOA is currently optimising paid search investment of £250m+

We can make your Google ads 10 – 30% more effective. GOA is trusted by some of the biggest names in direct marketing.


See how GOA and Google rate the performance of your Google ads account with two easy to understand grading systems. We have taken feedback from hundreds of the top professionals in the industry and created a score that will tell you how you are performing.

  • We show you which accounts are costing you money.
  • See your score as a whole or drill down to a specific region, brand or individual account.
  • A focused set of measurements to monitor performance against your marketing objectives.

Recommendation Engine

Instantly see things you need to fix. Our actionable insights that show you how to succeed in Google. We present these in our clear traffic light system. See everything your team needs to do to put you ahead of the competition.

  • Customise the insights to your business
  • Presented to provide clear and easy prioritisation
  • Sending traffic to a dead page? We'll email you immediately.
  • Every task that will make a difference, ordered by importance.
  • Capitalise on the big wins first.

Daily Updates

Our reports would take hundreds of hours to perform manually. We provide them to you daily before you arrive in the office.

  • See exactly what your team is doing to move the needle on the dial.
  • Continuous feedback on your progress.
  • We put you back in control.
"In a world where automation is making activation simpler and scale easier to achieve it's more important than ever to remember the foundations of successful performance marketing: get the basics right. GOA Marketing is an incredibly intuitive tool that allows us to do just that. The most important areas of account management are addressed through daily, weekly and monthly alerts that are easy to understand and lead to meaningful actions. GOA has enabled us to grow, by reminding us of the foundations that we built our activity on." 140% improvement to ROI in the first 5 months. "

Luke Boudour - Head of Growth at

Tailored to your business

More power in your hands. Each of our account Checks can be customised to your objectives.

  • Infinitely customisable.
  • We specialise in helping large enterprise clients achieve their goals.
  • No business is the same we offer a tailored solution.


Our expertise is trusted by major auditing companies.

  • GOA is currently optimising paid search investment of £250m+
  • The go to solution for enterprise clients.
  • We've never failed to help one of our clients

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