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Ebiquity and GOA Marketing join forces to revolutionise Paid Search advertising

Ebiquity, the world leader in Media Investment Analysis, announced today a strategic partnership with GOA Marketing, a pioneering paid search specialist company known for its innovative fusion of automation and consultancy services. This collaboration aims to empower brands with unparalleled insights and strategies for optimising [Google] ad campaigns, to drive profitability.

“In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, effective paid search advertising is crucial for businesses looking to maximise their online presence and ROI” said Jide Sobo, Head of Solutions at Ebiquity. “Ebiquity's expertise in media investment analysis, coupled with GOA Marketing's cutting-edge approach to paid search management, creates a dynamic synergy that promises significant advantages for clients and the marketplace at large.”

Empowering brands to pivot and respond quickly to change is critical in a world where every marketing pound counts.

This partnership enables Advertisers to access comprehensive and actionable insights about their ad campaigns' performance, meaning they can fine tune expenditure and increase the profitability of their ad campaigns.

Dan Chorlton, CEO and Co-Founder of GOA Marketing added, “The search market is completely different, even compared to a few months ago: rising costs, Google changes in product, fierce competition, and the scale of the expenditure are just a few of the problems. It will continue to change at an extreme rate, which is proving to be very challenging for brands. It is critical to have the right balance of human expertise in both media and search. Plus technology that adapts to your business objectives is more important than ever. This partnership offers a unique solution to clients enabling considerable upside to most advertisers, delivering the most effective use of Google ads with exceptional results."

First featured in Performance Marketing World

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