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How MoneySuperMarket achieved a 1,377% return on paid search investment in three-months

Working with GOA Marketing, the price comparison site saw continuous improvement to performance following a ‘proof-of-concept' test.

The Challenge

As a leading UK price comparison site, MoneySuperMarket’s purpose is helping households save money. Covering everything from car and home insurance, mortgages, mobile phones, broadband and TV and more, it does this by providing free access to simple to use comparison tools online and in the MoneySuperMarket app, as well as through its SuperSaveClub reward programme.

Between February 2023 and January 2024 MoneySuperMarket helped its users to save an estimated £1.46bn on their household bills, based on estimated savings from 1 February 2022 to 31 January 2024 based on (i) SuperSaveClub reward redemptions, This is one of the reasons why, despite operating in a highly competitive market, it has maintained an industry leading position.

MoneySuperMarket is aware of the importance of ensuring that its Paid Search Advertising is fully optimised and, as such it has a team of in-house specialists. However, MoneySuperMarket is a company that does not rest on its laurels, it likes to push the boundaries, challenge convention, and show ambition and creativity. With this in mind, MoneySuperMarket was interested in exploring how an independent third-party could take its current Paid Search Activity to the next level. This is when it turned to GOA Marketing - a former client was working with MoneySuperMarket, and was happy to provide a referral, as well as a glowing endorsement.

GOA Marketing aimed to deliver return on investment (ROI) for Paid Search Advertising. However, what sets it apart from the competition is its ability to offer an innovative platform, as well as strategic consultancy. Other providers offer a tool-based solution which is fairly hands off, or consultancy services which are often costly - with GOA Marketing, MoneySuperMarket could access both.

GOA’s platform provides a high-level of actionable insights via the automated 200+ campaign checks a day. However, what really gave GOA Marketing the edge for MoneySuperMarket is the unrivalled service that runs seamlessly alongside the platform. The GOA team also garners the insights from the automated results to recommend tests that can be run to optimise problem areas and/or maximise potential growth opportunities.

The agency also works as an external extension of an in-house team and ability to provide transparent strategic consultancy. The combination of all three of these helped MoneySuperMarket choose GOA Marketing for the project.

The Solution

MoneySuperMarket engaged with GOA Marketing on an initial three-month ‘Proof of Concept’ (PoC). By implementing the GOA platform, the MoneySuperMarket team had access to an in-depth and robust framework designed specifically to its needs. It offered continuous improvement to the performance of MoneySuperMarket’s Paid Search Advertising through bespoke testing and governance. This allowed both teams to work in close collaboration to identify potential performance opportunities, then review and prioritise the right ones to leverage.

GOA also played a vital role in spotting and in some cases preventing or stopping any potential errors and/or risks. As well as providing the in-house team with the resource and time they needed to make any hygiene improvements that would drive additional growth.

As an independent voice in the room, the GOA Marketing team ensured that all thinking and actions were always challenged. The agency was also invited to share their invaluable knowledge on the latest testing ideas.

The Results

Within three-months the team at MoneySuperMarket started to see the benefits. The invaluable bid strategy testing and optimisation delivered a healthy double digit reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC) for the MoneySuperMarket brand, without any impact on coverage. This testing was inspired by the real-time and actionable insights provided by the GOA platform in relation to CPC inflation.

However, perhaps the most impressive outcome was that the GOA platform, alongside the invaluable consultancy service it provides, simply paid for itself - delivering an astounding 1,377 per cent ROI during the three-month PoC.

Ryan Lindo, Growth Marketing Director at MoneySuperMarket explained: ”GOA have exceeded our expectations with the expert consultancy they provide to compliment what is a brilliant, proprietary platform. We're delighted with the results of the proof-of-concept test and I'm excited to see what future success the partnership brings.”

Dan Chorlton, CEO at GOA Marketing added: “Switched-on, highly engaged and with one of the most comprehensive testing plans that I’ve ever seen, the MoneySuperMarket in-house team is a force to be reckoned with. Huge percentage gains were not just a challenge but deemed unrealistic or simply suspicious. Fast-forward three months and it’s been a dream working with MoneySuperMarket. Through close collaboration, we were able to gain their trust, this gave us the permission needed to challenge their current approach in a constructive way, hunting out the new opportunities for optimisation. The results speak for themselves - we look forward to working even closer with the team!”

  • Monitoring KPIs
  • Advanced Brand Protection
  • PMAX & RSA Insights
  • Transparency & Easy Assessment

All tests resulted in improvements

1,377% 1,377 per cent ROI during the three-month PoC

"GOA have exceeded our expectations with the expert consultancy they provide to compliment what is a brilliant, proprietary platform. We're delighted with the results of the proof-of-concept test and I'm excited to see what future success the partnership brings."

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