Are you an advertiser who would like more from your Google Ad Spend?

Looking to boost your outcomes without increasing your Google Ads spend, or aiming to achieve the same results with less investment?

GOA was created by our founders precisely for this purpose. It's a technology platform, enhanced with expert insight, designed to autonomously identify key opportunities on your behalf.

How it works

GOA supports advertisers with 200+ daily insights

  1. 1. Business first strategy

    Working with you to determine the right paid search strategy to meet higher goals

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  2. 2. Connecting your account

    Done within a day, our team take care of everything on your behalf

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  3. 3. Daily Checks

    GOA supports advertisers with 200+ daily checks. These include checks for Advanced Brand protection, Landing Pages, PMAX and RSAs. Safeguards for budget management, ROAS and overspends.

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  4. 4. Actionable Insights

    Once set up, the GOA dashboard offers comprehensive and actionable insights into the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, enabling you to fine-tune expenditure and enhance profitability.

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  5. 5. GOA's Technology Adapts

    GOA's technology adapts to your business objectives and Google's updates, empowering your business to respond swiftly to changes in a world where every marketing pound is crucial.

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Business first strategy

Meet our team

Goa - Dan Chorlton - Co-Founder

Dan Chorlton

CEO & Co-Founder

Dan is a sharp entrepreneur, full of positive energy, and a top class digital marketing and paid search expert. He's also a talented musician and DJ!

Goa - Lewis Clayton - Co-Founder

Lewis Clayton

COO & Co-Founder

Lewis is the other Co-Founder of GOA and COO, bringing experience from previous roles at Forward3D and All Response Media.

GOA - Luke Boudour - Chief Experience Officer

Luke Boudour

Chief Experience Officer

Luke has been working in Paid Search for over 12 years with agency and in-house experience. It was at Forward3D that he met the co-founders of GOA.

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Bobby Taylor

Chief Revenue Officer

Bobby is an experienced leader focused on growth within the tech industry.

GOA - Jay Stephens

Jay Stephens

Strategic Partnerships

Jay possesses considerable experience in PPC, having worked for Forward3D, Ebiquity plc, and Digitas UK.

GOA - Branko Obradovic - Lead Software Engineer

Branko Obradovic

Lead Software Engineer

Branko possesses expert-level knowledge and experience in all areas of development owing to the diversity of the industries in which he has worked.

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